About Burn the Rope

Burn the Rope is an original game for iOS devices where players burn a certain percentage of rope per puzzle using an innovative rotation mechanic for controls. Simple and intuitive, Burn the Rope is a game for all ages, and for players from casual to hardcore.

On February 8th Burn the Rope 1.2 was released, adding new levels, new bug types, bonus rounds and Retina support. To take advantage of these great new features, some already-existing levels were also redesigned.

Having caught fire with the iOS gaming audience Burn the Rope continues to be a hit with players and critics alike, and we hope you enjoy the game and the puzzle of the day contest!

About Wickman

Born from the late-night union of a safety-tip match and striking surface somewhere deep in cottage country, Wickman is a happy and quick little flame with an almost manic gleam in his eye. Wickman doesn’t mean any harm, he just loves to burn rope. Turn-ons include dry wood, rope, and dancing. Turn-offs include damp kindling, water, and spiders.

About Big Blue Bubble

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